Use DealerDrop to impress your customers with on demand delivery

Dealerships like yours use DealerDrop to

Enjoy more conversions and better engagement
Deliver a test drive straight to someone’s door
Pick up / return customer cars
Pickup / return your customers
Swap customer cars with courtesy cars
Take care of dealer trades
Provide complimentary delivery with all aftersales work



Save Time

Outsource your on-demand deliveries to DealerDrop so you can focus on your business.

Increase Capacity

The number of hard working full-time employees you have doesn’t have to limit the manpower at your disposal.

Provide VIP Service

Your customers will feel like royalty when you offer a complimentary valet service to & from your dealership.

Get Attention

Ensure you stand out on car advertising platforms by providing on demand delivery.

Reduce Your Costs

There is a cost per day of the inventory on your forecourt. A quicker turnaround equals less overheads.

Build Trust

With no pressure from sales staff, customer’s will feel at ease and be more inclined to purchase your cars.


The technology of DealerDrop will allow you to give your customers peace of mind. Keep them in-the-know with delivery updates via text messages and emails. They will also receive a link to a tracking map which they can use to follow the delivery in real time.